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When my one of the best friend's Tamara, Teacher of Mathematis, first saw this portrait she said it was she!!! So now this girl is Taramra:)))


Today is our day, ALL NINO'S GONGRATULATIONS FROM ME!!!! I am so proud that I have such a beautiful name, and thanks god and my parant's that they gave me this one!
Today I especially want to congratulate my talanted and very extraordinary new friend NINO BINIASHVILI, 'Ninachka wish all the best my friend! and want to thank you for your attention, for the great post, for your emails and for your friendship!!!!
Illustration by Nino Biniashvili
And I want to say VIELEN DANK to the Ralph Hälbig and Hans Heiner Buhr, you are doing great job, when I saw your blogs at first I had a shock, you are doing such a good job for the Georgian Art.

Ralph your post is great