Friday, April 3, 2009

My Soviet House

I was not brought up in the time of Soviet Union, but still I live in the Block of Soviet Design, I was born in 1983 so I am quite young but I remember these interior designs from my grandmother's flat and my childhood. This in the view from my window, the ordinary sample of Soviet Buildings. This is where i live, and the housing culture of the 1970s, a typical 70s apartment, using exaclty the same ground plan and typical furnishing, including all the details, wallpapers, kitchenwere and toiletries. Every family, including mine, had a huge set of cupboard and shelves covering one entire wall of the living room. "The Stenka":))))))) - It was like a shop-window of the every household. It somehow showed the taste and the social level of the family:))) they could have quite a poor children's room or bedroom but they sure spend most money for "The Stenka" where the proud lady of a house put up eating "Madona Services" which without any logic they do not use in there whole life:))))))) Funny ya!!!???? And I also remember the toilete paper, which I first have to soften im my hands and then to use it:))))))

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  1. very interesting post!
    It is nice to know about these things! Iam italian but I live in east Berlin and I am very fascinated by the soviet style that one can find here..